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About The Enough Initiative / 

We are here to help you discover, pursue, and realize your idea by connecting and exposing you to others who are chasing theirs. 

The Enough Initiative is a knowledge broker and industry development organization designed to inspire people to be positive contributors to society and active in growing their community.


To Bring Enough for All to Build Enough for All


We insist that all people have enough innovative ability within them to make a meaningful impact in their communities. Access to knowledge that inspires action and guidance that models how to effect meaningful change are the missing pieces and the purpose of The Enough Initiative.


  • SOLUTION MAKING: Be a part of the solution. We believe that if we are not part of the solution for our clients, we are part of the problem.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Build relationships only to add value. We care about providing our potential or retained clients with outcomes that increase their chances of success no matter the duration of our engagement. 

  • VALUE CREATION: Make it make sense. We believe that at the heart of every assignment our responsibility is to make our client's vision make sense to the world.

  • TRANSPARENCY: Build trust with transparency. We count it a privilege to serve our clients and a priority to do so with honesty and transparency.

As an innovation conduit we are driven to help you along your journey from idea to that fulfilling contribution to society. We achieve this by being your knowledge broker. As Knowledge Brokers our 5 Domains are described as follows:


1. Information Management - gather and organize information that clarifies research and local context for your idea

2. Linking Agency - identify, connect, and build relationships between stakeholders interested in your idea

3. Capacity Building - inspire skill development, identify barriers and make use of resources for growth for your innovation

4. Facilitation - guide processes to support research, opportunity engagement, and improve performance of your innovation

5. Evaluation - study the outcomes and provide benchmarks for continuous improvement of your innovation

As a Non-Profit Organization we aim to offer products and services that benefit you for the greater good of your community. Our Motivation is driven by the conviction that - we believe you are always good enough, we know it's in your hands, and we are passionate about sharing what we know or operating as a linking agent to help you realize your enough. 

Stewards / Here's the team ready to serve you on your journey

Founder/Chief Steward and VP PMO, IT and Operations
VP Strategy and Innovation
VP Research and Insights
Tate Marisa New Profile Photo.jpg
VP Finance and Corporate Investment

Stewardship Files / Lessons learnt about Entrepreneurship from the friends and stewards of The Enough Initiative

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